Love Birds

Conflict makes a story great but they also are the saddest thing. But who knows joy if not pain. Love has its share and so did they

The birds flew high
Oblivious of the height they were at
The birds flew into the clouds
High they flew
Till the sun shined in their eyes
Not a worry in the bones
High they flew

Poachers and watchers
Watched with intent
Waiting for them to fly a lil low
For the sun the push them down
So hunt and make them fall
But high they flew
Flew into the sky

In love
They looked at the sun with care
Smiled at the people below
Whistling sweet nothing
Into their ears
Taking about nothing
Planning the beauty
Of the lives which were about to come
But the poachers watched on

Time flew
And their love only grew
Not knowing the fate which awaited them
In such a near future
Smiles and happiness
They spread around
As they flew together
Only high and high

But the night follows the day
And life maintains its circle
Fear captures the heart
And weakens the resolve
Wedge driven between the souls
Meant to always be together
Some created by others
And others their own demons

Ultimately the sun overpowers
And the poachers get their chance
The world looks on smiling
Taking pleasure in their pain
The fall is sharp and quick
But they make a lifetime in it
But all that is tomorrow
As today is their day
And the love birds flew
Flew into the sunset


The Beloved

The butterfly effect loosely states that the wings of the butterfly at one part of the world can cause storm at the other end. I guess that is what was happening then. That is I guess what is always happening.

Stepping onto 25
She didn’t know
What to expect
Betrayed and heartbroken before
She went to the festival of lights
Unaware of the plans
With all the innocence up for grabs

Far away from her mind
In the same ground as hers
A song kept playing on loop
A song which would be forever
For hers to keep
A moment a time which
Would seal the fate of her soul
For the entirety of a lifetime.

She thought she found a friend
Someone interesting
Something which made her curious
Oh she didn’t even think
That the fall would be so quick
And so hard
And she fell

Love doesn’t need effort
All it needs is opportunity
And it stuck her chords
And she held it at the first go
Hints dropped
And honesty was tried
All the shyness apart
She found bravery
When none was to be found

She pulled him out of the darkness
And bought him into the light
And when she did
All he saw was her
And she become his beloved
But lil did he knew
She had already made him hers

The waking moments became his
Her time became his
Her dreams were his
Her body and soul were his
All she thought about was him
And all she wanted was him
She was in love
And all of a sudden
Her love was her life

Calm and patient
She took his cynicism away
Then his anger
Then the hurt
Until the darkness inside vanished
He gave her hope
And she gave him a life
She loved like there was no tomorrow
And everyday was a lifetime

She didn’t know then
But she had started
The greatest love stories of all time
She didn’t know
But she made a dying man
Live again
He her heart
And she his soul
His beloved

The Room

In a room full of peopleWe sat next to each other

But were aloof in our own selves 
In a room full of people 

It was your voice 

That got my attention
In a room full of people

When my eyes met yours

They did all the talking 
In a room full of people

We exchanged smiles

And you got me hooked
In a room full of people

You were the one

That got me intrigued 
By the dawn 

It was only you 

For me 

After all

In the end

It all comes down 

To the person you look for

In a room full of people

The Moment 

And this dayThis time

And the moment

Will pass

And will bring a new time 

And a new world with it.

But in this moment 

Let me hold you 

For a second 

For a glance

For a instant 

In which I capture you in my head.

For in this moment

I will be able 

To live a lifetime 


And their memories

And in this moment 

We will live so many stories

Over and over again 

With you in my arms 

And in these stories

We will fit out entire lifetimes
And in that embrace 

And in that hold 

I’ll feel my entire heartbeat 

Every second to every breath

Every touch of air to be felt

For in that moment

I would have been born again .

The Effect 

After effects of finding love is amazing. Here are my feelings.

Sitting on the table Waiting for my day to be over

I kick off my shoes 

Tilt my head back 

To hold the moment 

And imagine you in my head

Your face 

That smile 

Those lips

And your lovely eyes.
I imagine how they sparkle across the room

And you glow as I stare at you

The shyness

And the love

All of t makes me laugh

For I haven’t felt this

For I never imagined 

That one day all of you will be mine
All the love that I get

And all the concern in your voice

I fall for you more everyday

Sweetheart I fall very hard

All the cute names that you call

And all the sweetness that are you

I wonder if I hit my head

If all this is just my imagination
But then I know 

I will get to see you 

Hold your hands 

And take you in my arms

I’ll be able to kiss you light

And hold you all so tight

I’ll look deep in your eyes

And I’ll know 

That you will be here

Forever and ever

As you are all mine 

The Yes

And then there was this storyOnce upon a time 

A place far far away

In the land of the plenty

And the place of the beautiful

That I met the girl 

Who would one day 

Become my whole world
Destiny some call it 

Persistent she

Some call it lucky 

But damn I fell it’s all three

Love has a way of finding itself

Through months or years

It took us a decade and then some 

But who would have thought 

That we will again be one
And the cheesiness is back

And the smile is constant

I don’t recognise myself 

For nothing else seems to matter

All I think about is you

All I want is you 

You took my heart years ago

And revived it again

When you said yes
I love you with all my heart

You always had a piece of me 

Now that I have you here

I feel whole all over again

You will plug my fears

And me soar

Oh baby 

You don’t even know 

What are you in for 

So let me tell you this for start

You are mine and mine alone 

For you are my world 

And I am never letting you go 

All but One

Love is about letting go Be scared witless 

Until you ain’t

Love is about being free

Jumping over your soul

Or holding back until your heart explodes
A kiss a picture

They tell a story 

Worth a lifetime 

The smile hides

A million emotions 

A joy about for the heavens
Love is for the brave

To fall and crawl you’r way through the mud

To touch the fingertips 

A connection to be felt 

As the world revolves 

With her at the centre.
A poem a gesture

Go on to show the world

The pain the longing it has

The love the happiness 

Beautiful from the moment they step 

In to your life into your world 

To make it world of it own
All consuming love it 

It’s pulls you deep into the ground 

And lifts your souls higher than the gods

It’s like sitting on fire

And felling a chill with just a sense of their being 

Until the warm the cold and you 

And her

Are all but one.